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Movement education according to multi-talented Brenda Brosnihan, “Is an experience that comes from the heart.” Brosnihan’s passionate regard for dance and exercise is evident by her success as a performer, educator, business owner and award winning coach.  Through her career she has brought the enjoyment of dance and exercise to thousands of area children and adults.

As a fitness educator, Brenda is considered a Youth Movement Specialist.  She attended Frostburg State University where she studied Health and Physical Education.  She holds certifications from The American Council on Exercise, AFFA and Zumba.  She has presented workshops and given lectures nationally and aboard.  

Brenda is a former aerobic champion and the coach of eight consecutive national youth sportaerobic championship teams.  In 2003, Brenda’s dream and 15 years of pioneering youth sportaerobics came true when her junior team won the World Sportaerobic Championships, the first U.S. youth team to earn a world titile. Brenda has taken athletes toJapan, Argentina and Mexico for international competitions.  “I believe it is important to teach children how to set goals and learn how to achieve them.”

Brenda is always researching new information on exercise, dance trends and childhood development. Her innovative programs have children interested and brings them back year after year. Her goal is to instill the love of “movement” that will encourage a life-long habit of health and exercise.  

Brenda believes in supporting her community and has organized and participated in fundraising events for charities like Relay for Live, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, City of Hope Aids Research and our hometown charities The House of Hope, Cindy’s Fund, Landon’s Library, Broken Road Associates, Garrett Mentors, Garrett Humane Society, I Can Swim, and Garrett Trails. Students from Brenda’s Body Shop have raised over $250,000 for charity.  

Every year Brenda produces an extravagant dance production featuring colorful costumes, upbeat music and an elaborate set.  The show is heart warming, full of tradition, and much anticipated event by her students and their families.  

Honors and Awards
2015- Woodman of the World Community Leadership Award
2014- Garrett County Women's Hall of Fame
2012-  President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition Community Leadership Award          
2012- Inducted in the Southern High School Hall of Fame
2012/2011- Nominated for Garrett County’s Most Beautiful Person
2010 – Elk’s Club Citizen of the Year
25 National Titles, 11 International titles and one world championship for Sportaerobics
1986-1988 Reebok National Aerobic Champion

The Staff
Our staff is made up of professionals who are certified and well trained. A genuine love of children is a common trait as each instructor exhibits patience, compassion and works hard to inspire students to learn and enjoy movement. A positive influence on self esteem is always our number one goal. Our teacher student ratio for gymnastics is 7/1 and for dance classes 12/1. Frequent staff meetings are held to evaluate students progress and to plan and review lesson plans. We participate in continuing education in all areas of instruction.




111 Weber Road | Mtn. Lake Park, MD | 301-334-1275 | bbsfitkids@hotmail.com
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