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Program Objectives
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Program Objectives - back to top
Our lessons are planned so that students will:

1. Be safe.

2. Feel secure.

3. Receive individual attention and encouragement.

4. Develop self-discipline.

5. Experience success in order to develop a positive self-image.

6. Develop dance/ gymnastics / movement skills.

Statement of Philosophy- back to top
1. We believe in the value of fair treatment of all people.

2. We believe teaching the art of dance is an honor.

3. We believe each student is an individual and should be treated with respect and encouragement.

4. We believe bringing out the best in each student is important.

5. We believe that each child has different talents and it’s our job to develop them to the fullest.

6. We believe that dance is a tool which can help children develop a positive self-image.

7. We believe that children deserve to have teachers who are capable and caring and who values
enable them to be excellent role models.

8. Children are always accepted to our studio regardless of race, creed, national origin or sex.

Studio Policies and Rules- back to top
1. Lesson fees are due the first lesson of each month. The same set amount is to be paid
September through May. Start up fees includes a $30.00 recital fee and a $20.00 registration
class fee. Returned checks will result in a $35.00 fee. Payment envelopes are available on the
service counter. Payments (checks only) may be placed in the designated box. Cash payments
should be made to service counter representative. You will receive a receipt at the time of
payment or at your child's next class.

2. Costume information is distributed the first week of January. Please adhere to the costume
deadline. Late payments for costumes will result in an additional $5 fee.

3. Weather related class cancellations would follow the official Garrett County school closings.
If bad weather occurs after school hours call the shop, 301-334-1275, or listen to WKHJ or
WFRB radio.

4. Classes are for students only. Parents are permitted to wait in our lobby. We encourage you to
inquire about your child's progress at any time throughout the year.

5. Several notes and newsletters are sent home throughout the year. This is our link to keeping
you informed. Please be sure and ask after each class if a note was given.

6. Classes begin and end on time. Parents need to be prompt in arrival and departure times.
Students are not permitted to wait outside the studio for rides. We request parents of younger
children come inside to assist your child's departure.

7. Students not in classes are to be supervised by an adult. Please advise us if someone other
than you will be picking up your child.

8. Please do not park in the drop off parking spaces for longer than five minutes. Additional
parking is available in the Midas lot after 5:00 PM and at the daycare after 5:30 PM. Please do
not use these lots until the businesses are closed.

Class Rules
1. Students attending all classes scheduled from October through April will be eligible for a
Star Student Award.

2. Students enrolled in dance classes must wear the appropriate shoes; tap, ballet, jazz. Aerobic teams
should wear some type of athletic shoe. To keep our floors in good condition, students
should bring clean shoes.

3. Please wear leotards, warm up suits or shorts to classes. Long hair should be pulled back away
from face.

4. Drinks are prohibited in both studios. Students attending classes longer than 45 minutes may
bring bottled water.

5. Please, be courteous when bringing food to the studio lobby and dispose of all trash.

6. A lost and found box is kept in the bathroom.

Attendance- back to top
We ask that you consider your students dance class an important part of their weekly life. One of our
goals is to teach children the importance of responsibility and commitment.  It is important for each
and every dancer/gymnast to know his/her class is a commitment. When students come to class on a
regular basis, their level will improve. This will give them confidence. Confidence will in turn give
them power to complete their goals. They will learn about responsibility and commitment while
working as a team. If they do not attend class on a regular basis they will always be trying to catch up.
This will discourage them from wanting to attend and it will create frustration. The other team
members may also get discouraged, as well as the teacher who will have to repeat instruction. 
Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class and is factored into our star student award.

If at any time it is necessary to cancel lessons due to bad weather such as snow and ice, there will be a
recorded message on the answering machine after 2:30 P.M. for the evening classes that will say
“Classes have been canceled”. If Garrett County Schools are closed or dismiss early for weather all
classes at Brenda's Body Shop will be canceled. Please do not ask for us to call you back and let you
know if classes are canceled. We just don’t have enough time to call everyone back. There will be NO
reduction of tuition snow days have been figured into the class count. Make up classes may be
scheduled at the instructors discretion.

Holidays and Special Events
Brenda’s Body Shop will not follow school closings for staff development days, Martin Luther King
Day, President’s Day or Easter Monday. We observe major holiday’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good
Friday. We will not have class on the Thursday in which the Autumn Glory Fireman's Parade is held.
When possible a reminder note will be sent home.

Dress Code- back to top
All short hair must be secured back off the face. All long hair must be secured in a ponytail, bun,
or braid.

Jazz Attire: Jazz students are requested to wear black jazz shoes (tie or slip on), black jazz pants with a
fitted top or leotard. No tee shirts.

Ballet & Tap Attire: The dress code for classical ballet and tap is black leotard (any style), ballet pink
tights, pink ballet slippers or tap shoes and a wrap skirt (your choice), hair pulled back. If you do not
have the attire there are some items available through BBS. Items usually take one week to arrive.
Attire and shoes are requested by the third class.

Aerobic Teams & Baton Attire: Shorts, warm up suits, fitted top, aerobic shoes. Please change into
shoes after arriving to the shop.

Kinderkicks Attire: Warm up suits, short & tee shirt, leotard and tights. Shoes recommended; ballet
slippers or tennis shoes.

Gymnastics Attire: Students are encouraged to leave their shoes in the racks located outside each
studio. Appropriate clothing includes outfits that allows freedom of movement. Fitted tops work no
T-shirts. Biker-tard, leotards, etc. White gymnastic shoes are required.

111 Weber Road | Mtn. Lake Park, MD | 301-334-1275 | bbsfitkids@hotmail.com
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