Autumn Glory Participants

Our marching unit (students at BBS and interested adults) will be promoting FOR THE THRILL OF IT, a charitable community dance event to benefit Samantha Funding the Arts and SHS Theatre Department.     During the parades we will wear an event tee shirt, dance with a light up frisbee to the song Haunted House.  The routine is taught in all classes as part of the warm up during the month of September and October.    Our event is in conjunction with the Southern High School Theatre Department's annual Haunted Hayride.  Their creepy clowns will be representing their event and marching directly behind our unit.  We may have some trailing zombies (non students) to inspire our audience to get involved FOR THE THRILL OF IT and the haunted hayride.  

Students registered as a zombie FOR THE THRILL OF IT will have lots of opportunities to perform as a zombie, just not during the parades and train station performances.   After the Saturday parade we encourage everyone to perform in full make up and costume at the Western Maryland Tournament of Bands, at the SHS football field at 6:00 PM.   Our zombie thrill team is getting lots of invitations to perform so check back often for updates.  

The Haunted House dance will also be performed at FOR THE THRILL OF IT on Saturday, October 27, at Broadford Lake Park.  For more information of our THRILL event click on A CAUSE TO MOVE on our website and check our message board for updates.  

Autumn dates, times and locations will be announced in an upcoming message.