Policies & Rules

MONTHLY TUITION POLICY: This AGREEMENT is for 24 classes over an eight month period. If there are no weather, holiday, or other cancellations student may receive more than 24 classes at no additional charge. Tuition is due the 7th of each month. We accept cash and checks. All checks should be made payable to Brenda's Body Shop. (Tuition is based on the total of 24 classes per year and then divided into 8 monthly payments.) Fees may also be paid by the semester (September-December, January-April). Full-year tuition payments will receive a 10% discount. There is a $35.00 charge on all returned checks. If your account falls behind more than 3 months, you will be asked to pay your balance or your child's enrollment may be suspended. Prices vary according to the type and duration of the class. For specific price information refer to "KID'S PROGRAMS" class descriptions in the top navigation bar.

PAYMENT PROCEDURE POLICY: Each family will receive a 'Payment Coupon Book'. This book will include Liability Waiver, payment slips for lessons, costume expense, recital fees, etc. All payments for the entire year are listed on the payment sheet along with due dates. Please place your payment, along with the appropriate payment slip in an envelope and deposit it into the "RED BOX" in the lobby. If you wish, you may also mail your payment to the studio: 111 Weber Road, Oakland, MD 21550.

REGISTRATION: A registration fee of $25.00 per student is required with the Registration Form to reserve your class space. Class availability is on a first come basis. Registration is not complete until the registration fee is paid along with all proper forms signed. Students will be placed in appropriate classes at the discretion of the director.

RECITAL FEE: A $35.00 recital fee is due upon registration. This recital fee includes auditorium rental, insurance, DJ equipment, lighting equipment, janitors, props, scenery, awards and for the numerous other production expenses.The recital and registration fees are non-refundable.

RECITAL COSTUME(S) PAYMENT AGREEMENT: All costume deposits are due by November 15, 2019. Each class gets a costume, each costume requires a $25 deposit. This deposit will be applied to your costume balance, which will be due February 1. All costume information will be shared on a personalized newsletter  in early January, general costume information will be shared on our website.  . Costumes will not be ordered without full payment in advance. Costumes will be distributed upon arrival to students whose accounts are paid in full.

Our cancellation process is fully automated, so calls and texts can not be returned. If at any time it is necessary to cancel lessons due to bad weather, such as snow and ice, cancellations will be posted on our website and Facebook page by 1:00 PM. To avoid unnecessary class cancellations, BBS does not always follow Garrett County school closings. Snow days have been figured into the class count, but there will be no reduction in monthly tuition, unless we drop below the twenty-four-class guarantee. If make-up classes become necessary they will be scheduled in the spring. and counted towards attendance.

Brenda’s Body Shop will not follow school closings for staff development days, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day or Easter Monday. We observe major holiday’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good Friday. We will not have class on the Thursday in which the Autumn Glory Fireman's Parade is held. Notifications will be in the Announcement Bar (at the top of the home page of the website).

We ask that you consider your students dance class an important part of their weekly life. One of our goals is to teach children the importance of responsibility and commitment. Students who come to class on a regular basis improve their skills, confidence and goals.  Poor attendance can be discouraging and frustrating to the student and fellow classmates. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class and is factored into our star student award.

STAR STUDENT AWARD: This is a trophy award students can earn by adhering to required dress code, punctuality, attendance and behavior.  Each week students can earn up to four points.  The total points are calculated at the end of the year and students earning 90% will be awarded the Star Student award at the second show of our recital.  If students are diligent with their efforts toward dress code and behavior they can typically miss two classes and still earn the award.  We have a standard that is very achievable and rarely entertain exceptions.


1. Students enrolled in dance classes must wear the appropriate shoes; tap, ballet, jazz. Aerobic teams should wear some type of athletic shoe. To keep our floors in good condition, students should bring clean shoes. Please wear leotards, warm up suits or shorts to classes. Long hair should be pulled back away from face.

2. Students attending classes longer than 45 minutes may bring bottled water.

3. Please, be courteous when bringing food to the studio lobby and dispose of all trash.

4. A lost and found box is kept in the bathroom.

5. Classes are for students only. Parents are permitted to wait in our lobby. We encourage you to inquire about your child's progress at any time throughout the year.

6. Classes begin and end on time. Parents need to be prompt in arrival and departure times. Students are not permitted to wait outside the studio for rides. We request parents of younger children come inside to assist your child's departure.

7. Students not in classes are to be supervised by an adult. Please advise us if someone other than you will be picking up your child.

8. Please do not park in the drop off parking spaces for longer than five minutes. Additional parking is available in the Midas lot after 5:00 PM and at the daycare after 5:30 PM. Please do not use these lots until the businesses are closed.