Grade 6-8

[8 classes available]

Below are the classes for 11 to 13  year-olds. The easiest way to fill out the Registration form is to check out the class descriptions on this page, choose the one(s) you would like to register your child for, and click the red button. When you land on the Form page, find the box that corresponds to the class and "check it". We will know, by your child's age on the form, where to reserve a space.


1. Jazz

[Ages 11-18] | Jazz is one of the most enduringly popular dance classes around full of  jumping, bouncing, high kicks and high energy.  Technique is the foundation for all dance movement.  Students will work on acquiring strong technical skills.  This class really encourages individual expression and enables dancers to focus on the stylistic and performance aspects of dance.  We use all types of music from pop, to hip hop, movie sound tracks and more.  We will explore traditional jazz, Broadway style and some basic lyrical jazz.  Our routines, music and costuming are all age appropriate.  This class will equip students to succeed in our advanced classes as they come of age.  This class will enjoy the talents of Danny Durr, a renowned choreographer who offers dance workshop in December to teach students their recital dance.  The two hour workshops are held on scheduled weekends in December, tuition fees cover these workshops.  Students are required to attend all choreography workshops.  Dancers will also have the opportunity to compete in the annual Star Talent Tournament held in late March/ early April.

Dress Code:  Students will need to wear black jazz pants and fitted top, purchase tan jazz shoes. We have shoes available at the studio or they can be ordered. Sizing for shoes is offered during our open house or before and after a class. The cost of shoes is $35 Thursday, 3:45-4:30 PM .

Instructor: Brenda Brosnihan    

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2. Tap

[Ages 11-18] | Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Students will learn basic tap skills and combinations that can progress with time and practice.  Tap is a fun and energetic class and works well for students who enjoy moving a lot. Tap can enhance student’s rhythmic abilities and benefit them in future dance classes. (Experience required, placement in this class is at the discretion of the instructor)

Dress Code: Students will need to wear skirted leotard and tights, and and purchase black or tan tap shoes.  Instructor will specify the color at the first class or at open house. We have shoes available at the studio or they can be ordered. Sizing for shoes is offered during our open house or before and after a class. The cost of shoes is $35.

Instructor: Lexi Torrisi

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3. Baton Twirling

[Ages 8 & Up] | Baton Twirling encompasses the manipulation of a metal rod (baton) and the performer’s body to a coordinated program of skills set to music.   The class is action packed working on parade drills, twirling skills and dance twirl combinations.  Students learn the importance of focus and discipline.  Many physical attributes are enhanced from eye hand coordination, speed, fluidity, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.  Ms. Brenda grew up twirling batons, twirled competitively and in college. Brenda teaches the classes and has quite the passion for the program.

Dress Code:  Students will need to wear black jazz pants and fitted top, and purchase tan jazz shoes and a baton. Merchandise is available at the studio. Sizing for shoes and baton can be done during our open house or before and after a class.  The cost of shoes is $35, baton is $35 Thursday, 5:15-5:45 PM.

 Instructor: Brenda Brosnihan


4. Ballet

[Ages 7 & Up] | Ballet is a wonderful activity at any age for strengthening the body, increasing flexibility, emotional expression and spending time with friends.  Our recreational program offers students an opportunity to experience ballet in a creative and fun environment.  Students learn all the fundamentals of ballet and can progress with complexity with time and practice.  Ballet increases strength, flexibility, balance and grace.  Our ballet program  uses the Vaganova method of teaching classical ballet which acknowledged all over the world as the foremost training syllabus of the classical ballet.

Wednesday, 5:45-6:30 PM

Instructor: Annalea Catulle

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5. Gymnastics

[Ages 5-18] | Gymnastics is one of the best choices you can make for a young child.  Did you know that gymnastics develops 26 multiple intelligence factors in children? The benefits are tremendous.  It’s an “all body” sport that develops muscle memory, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and much more. Students learn our gymnastics class format, physical conditioning, skill progressions and development       Our curriculum is action packed, time tested and effective.  Every warm up, drill or method has a specific goal.  Our instructors carefully breakdown new skills so students can practice safely.  Each student will learn from group and individual instruction.   Our experienced and trained instructors will demonstrate and spot students to enhance maximum success.  We remind parents that students’ progress on his/ her own time table.  Please do not compare your child’s ability or progress to other students.  Each child progresses due to several factors like, age, experience, body readiness and practice.  Keep in touch with your child’s feelings about the classes, are they having fun, being inspired by the instructors, enjoying their peers?   Though our classes are for students only we invite parents to communicate with us anytime about their child’s progress.

Dress Code: Students will need to purchase gymnastics shoes ($22), available at the studio. Sizing for shoes is offered at Open House or before or after class. Wear non-restrictive clothing and fitted top.

Instructors:  Lexi Torrisi


6. Tumbleweeds/Mat Mystics

[Ages 7 & Up] | We offer more advance gymnastics class Tumbleweeds and Mat Mystics.  Students are placed in these classes at the instructor’s discretion and/or a tryout.  There is a predetermined skill list that must be mastered to be considered for these classes.

Dress Code: Students will need to purchase gymnastics shoes ($22), available at the studio. Sizing for shoes is offered at Open House or before or after class. Wear non-restrictive clothing and fitted top.

Instructors:  Lexi Torrisi, Alissa Gank | Assistants:  Ainsley Brantner


7. Boundless Energy

[Ages 8 & Up] | Boundless Energy is a dance group perfect for those who want to explore life and dance experiences through unique travel and performance opportunities.  This group is for serious dancer/ athletes who enjoy intense physical training and frequent practices.  Members of this group are chosen from a tryout, audition and/or may be appointed at the director's discretion.  Boundless Energy travels every two years allowing time for fundraising and elite performance preparation.  The growth our dancers receive from this program is outstanding.  This is an investment of energy, time and money and these factors need to be strongly considered before embarking on this dance journey.  

2018-19 is a non-travel year and we will be adding new members to our team.  Boundless Energy is a family affair and parent involvement is strong and necessary.   We offer a complete packet of information for interested students at our workshop to recruit new students (Watch our announcement bar for upcoming dates).

Monday, 3:45-5:00 PM

Instructor: Brenda Brosnihan & Alissa Gank


8. Hip-Hop

Hip Hop has evolved since the 70’s from the street into the dance studio.  This freestyle dance attracts so many with it’s upbeat, dramatic style.  Our classes really encourage self-expression with each move and combination. Students walk in ready to dance as they hear some of their favorite music playing to set the mood.  The first part of the year we get moving with a review of standard hip hop moves to reinforce terminology and technique. A highlight for this class is learning a choreographed routine by Danny Durr.  Danny is a renowned choreographer living in NYC, with an impressive body of work.  Danny visits just long enough to teach the class their recital dance in December.  Several 2-hour workshops are set up to accommodate this goal the cost has been included in the tuition fees.  Students are required to attend the sessions.  After learning the dance, the second half of the year we break down sections and drill and master the choreography. Once the dance is stage ready we have fun with some other projects like tapping into student’s creativity and allowing them to share and teach their own moves and combinations to the rest of the class. On stage our hip hop routines are among the crowd and student favorites. The hip hop culture is very broad, our approach is to choose tasteful music and costuming.  Students are placed in classes by age.

Instructor: Brenda Brosnihan, Assistant: Maria Walch