Never underestimate the value of performing, whether at home for family and friends, or in a ‘proper’  venue with a stage and lights.    Performing for others, and the ability to get up and do it, is an important life skill as it builds confidence and self-reliance – and not just in the sphere of movement. The rush of adrenaline that comes with performing often encourages you to ‘raise your game’ and play better, and interesting things can happen to your body when moving before an audience, which may not occur during practice. As a dancer, of whatever level, it is crucial in one’s  development to experience the difference between practice and performance, to put your dance ‘out there’ and offer it up to other people for scrutiny. Performing endorses all those lonely hours we spend practicing, and reminds us that dance is for sharing. It is important for students to see each other perform too: watching others in your peer group can be a useful benchmarking exercise, allowing you to measure your own efforts against those of others. If you see more advanced students perform, you will feel inspired and keen to progress.

2020 Recital "Road Trip" Meyersdale HS, Friday, May 15, 7:00 PM, Saturday, May 16, 4:00 PM

Imagine an auditorium packed with people, a professional set and lighting, upbeat music and glitzy costumes, talented dancers of all ages and abilities and you get the highlight of our year, our annual dance recital.  This annual extravaganza is steeped in tradition and has become a much- anticipated community and family event.  Students engage in their classes the first half of the year to learn and master skills.  The second half of the season goals are set, costumes and music are chosen, and fun choreography is taught to each class in order to entertain and showcase their talents for family and friends. Director, Brenda Brosnihan is celebrating her 40th show this May. She delights in the carefully planned and crafted theatrical experience for both performers and the audience.   Brenda uses her incredible team of instructors whom all do their part to contribute expertise, variety and preparedness to their students to make them stage ready.   The recital is exciting with lots of opportunities, lessons and details. To Learn more go to our FAQ page.

Autumn Glory

Each year BBS impacts the Autumn Glory Festival with hundreds of performers dancing with a colorful props to upbeat music. This visual display is always impressive and fun to watch.   We perform at the Fireman's parade, the train station (pre parade on Saturday), the Grand Feature Parade and the Western MD tournament of bands.  With thousands in attendance we often use this platform for "A Cause To Dance", known as our community dance project. We choose a local charity to raise awareness/ and or funds.  Citizens of all ages come to the studio in early fall to learn the parade dance and show their support by marching with us in the parades.  The cost is approximately $50 which includes a parade tee shirt and prop.  All students are welcome but not required to participate.

Washington Redskins Spirit Explosion

Student ages 12-18 are welcome to participate in a Washington Redskin Halftime Show.  The First Ladies of Football (cheerleaders) offer a five hour workshop to teach a high energy dance used at halftime.   Dancers from all over the metro area attend often times featuring hundreds of dancers.  This fun filled event requires a weekend commitment to learn the dance on Saturday, stay in a hotel and perform at a 1:00 PM game on Sunday.  Parents can see the performance if they purchase tickets to the game.  We also try to videotape for those who do not desire to attend the game.  The cost is $75-100 and includes the workshop, performance and event tee shirt.  If the designated game for the spirit explosion conflicts with Autumn Glory we will not attend.

Basketball Half-Time Shows

Following our Autumn Glory festivities we all know a mass routine which gives us the opportunity to reuse the dance as part of basketball half time shows.  We have performed at WVU and for the Garrett Lakers. Sometimes our specialty groups like Boundless Energy, Sr. Dance and Tumbleweeds will also perform for half time shows.  There is no cost for performers to participate and most often families get in free to the games.

Dance the Magic Disneyland & Disneyworld - Available for students on BOUNDLESS ENERGY DANCE TEAM

Take on the world as you explore the majesty of the Walt Disney World Resort at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom! You will feel a part of the magic when you join us in a fun and fabulous Dance the Magic Parade, and dance down Main Street, U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom! Dancers come from all over the world to Dance the Magic at the Disney Parks because we all share the same passion – DANCE! Our events are the perfect balance of dancing and family fun.  Not only will your families be beaming as they watch their dancers perform down Main Street, U.S.A., but thousands of Disney Park guests will be cheering them on as well.  Studios may also be featured in our Dance the Magic Showcase onstage inside the Disney Parks.

Dance the Magic Broadway - Open to members of the BOUNDLESS ENERGY DANCE TEAM

Travel to New York City and feel the lights of Broadway and hustle and bustle of time square.  Dancer have the ULTIMATE dance experience in NYC and perform at the historic New Amsterdam Theatre on 42nd St. - Home to the Disney's Broadway Musical, Aladdin!  Dancers will dance with dancers from around the world in a full stage production number taught by a professional Broadway choreographer.  In the months leading up to the adventure lots of rehearsing is done to prepare us for a performance in the showcase which is also featured on the Broadway stage.   Dancers will participate in dance workshops led by Disney teaching artists.  They get a Q & A with a few of the stars from Aladdin.  This is one of the best dance experiences in the business.

Star Talent Tournament

This is a dance competition held at the Cumberland Fair Grounds.  This event attracts dancers from the tri-state area. The location and price are so convenient that we often take those classes who have mastered their recital dances, received their costumes and are stage ready and available. Entry fee range from $10-20 per dance.


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Local Performances

BBS takes various classes to entertain at the local nursing homes.  This is a highlight for the residents and very good show practice for our dancers. We also perform at various civic events like the House of Hope Food Drive and  Christmas Tree Lighting. We graciously accept invitations to perform for local events.